The company’s specialists provide our customers with the most complete and up-to-date information and support in successfull achievment of their goals, that allows to our clients always be one step ahead in the competition. Our goal is to maximize the value of the company and minimize its financial risks.

The principles of our work are an individual approach and comprehensive support for the realization of client’s goals, from the stage of studying a business and developing an action plan to its implementation.

The Company offers the following services:

  • Strategic consulting.
  • Managing capitalization, creating a liquid market for the client’s companies shares, creating and increasing its market capitalization.
  • Pre-project preparation (development of financial strategy, preparation of presentation materials and search for investors, conducting initial negotiations with potential investors, identification of financing options).
  • Consulting on issues of attracting project financing (due diligence and preparation of a full package of documents for obtaining financing; determining the optimal organizational structure for attracting financing; holding negotiations with investors and achieving acceptable conditions for financing the project).
  • Consulting on loan portfolio restructuring and optimization of the financing structure.
  • Independent analysis of investment projects.
  • Advising on the creation of strategic alliances and protection against hostile takeovers.
  • Strategic financial modeling.
  • Financial restructuring of enterprises (facilitating the process of servicing accounts payable and / or attracting new financing for business development; developing a plan for financial recovery of the enterprise; restructuring accounts payable; coordinating the plan with major creditors and shareholders).
  • Development and assistance in the implementation of organizational and management models and strategies based on the analysis of the current situation and the real possibilities of the company.


We offer our clients a wide range of services for attracting debt financing by issuing bonds, attracting bank loans, as well as institutional investors.

ROMELEO DEVELOPMENT LTD will also organize the company’s entry into international capital markets and will help in attracting syndicated loans, issuing structured debt instruments (CLN) and Eurobonds.

As part of attracting debt capital, the company provides the following services:

  • Advice and assistance in obtaining syndicated loans.
  • Organization of the issuance of credit notes CLN (OTC market).
  • Advice on the organization of the issuance of notes for participation in a loan LPN (public market).

Eurobonds (LPN – notes of participation in a loan):

  • Negotiating with the owners, determining the degree of readiness and the need for external financing.
  • Determination of volumes of attracting financing, selection of mechanisms, terms, potential investors, optimal term for placement.
  • The first stage of consultations with all participants (rating agency, lawyers).
  • Due diligence of the issuer by a group of independent advisers. . Obtaining a rating.
  • Structuring and transaction documentation.
  • Rating confirmation by a rating agency (confirmation of internal and external limits and liquidity support, rating confirmation).
  • Development of a package of investment documentation.
  • Analysis of sources and volumes of demand, volume and structure of placement and holding a road-show.
  • Initial placement of bonds among investors by memorandum.
  • Development of organizational and financial schemes and mechanisms for maintaining the liquidity of bonds in the secondary market.Credit notes (CLN) – similar to the issue of LPN, but does not require:
    • full disclosure of company information;
    • obtaining an international credit rating;
    • reporting audited by international standards;
    • obligatory due diligence; SPV listing on foreign exchanges.


ROMELEO DEVELOPMENT LTD offers the possibility of attracting share capital both through private placement of shares, and through their public offering on the main exchange platforms. We have established relationships with many institutional and private investors, which allows us to ensure a high market presence of issuing companies.

We provide the following services for raising equity capital:

  1. IPO – raising equity through an initial public offering. Our company will help you get financing in the shortest possible time and with the maximum assessment of the value of the company. With us you get a full range of services, ranging from structuring, preparing investment documents, organizing meetings with representatives of exchanges, marketing support, and to post-IPO services. We have established relations with the largest investment banks in the world, the London and Warsaw stock exchanges and the exchanges of the NYSE-Euronext group.
  2. 2. SPO – raising equity by re-public offering. This approach involves obtaining additional financing for companies that have already successfully established themselves in international capital markets. Choosing SPO, your company ensures the enhancement of its image as a reliable and consistent participant in the international financial market.
  3. Selling a share of a borrowing company to a private equity fund – attracting an investor by selling a non-controlling share of a company to international financial institutions specializing in buying a share in companies not listed on stock exchanges. We will help to attract the largest direct investment funds, to obtain the most comfortable conditions for cooperation, and a high assessment of your business as soon as possible. Accepting companies, attracting share capital, also receive management technologies, communications and experience, which contributes to their further growth.
  4. Sale to a strategic investor – a company interested in acquiring a controlling stake. In addition to investments, the industry strategic investor brings technological know-how, professional management and contributes to the expansion of sales markets. It is at the stage of choosing a strategic investor that the services of our company’s specialists will help companies make the right choice, evaluate all the details of the transaction, its prospects and risks.

ROMELEO DEVELOPMENT LTD also offers strategic investors services in acquiring assets, consolidating market share in a particular industry, and supporting all transactions.


We cover all areas of mergers and acquisitions, including “buy-side” , “sell-side”, as well as strategic consulting of owners and management, to provide a platform for the stable development and growth of our customers’ business, including :

  • company activities and financing prospects analysis;
  • determination of optimal sources of financing;
  • determination and development of an optimal scheme for attracting financing;
  • assessment and due diligence;
  • development of a business plan (investment memorandum);
  • preparation of the necessary package of documents;
  • preparation of technical and economic documentation;
  • presentation of the project, assistance in negotiations;
  • search for a potential investor and presentation of the project;
  • negotiations and coordination of key project parameters.

We are preparing the structure of the transaction, taking into account all possible financial, tax and legal aspects. We will take into account the correspondence and synergy of the transaction strategy with the overall strategy of your business and how the result of the transaction will affect the company’s activities in the future.

If you are considering the possibility of acquiring or selling a business, our specialists will help you to choose the most suitable object for your investment, market analysis, finding a buyer or investor, in negotiations, structuring and closing a transaction.

We assist in the initiation, structuring, evaluation and implementation of transactions for the purchase or sale of public and private business, as well as in the creation of joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our experts have many years of experience and will help your company determine the possibilities of the transaction, find potential buyers or sellers, and help the parties come to a mutual agreement. We strive to help our customers achieve the best price and terms of the transaction, in the implementation of long-term strategic decisions.

We have significant experience in conducting mergers and acquisitions. In M&A transactions, we provide services for preparing a project, creating a financial model, finding partners, negotiating, conducting the necessary research and analytics, structuring and completing the transaction.

We bring our significant experience at each stage of the process: cost estimation, preparation of an information memorandum, determination of the structure of the transaction, identification of partners, control and management of confidential documents, organization of negotiations, Due Diligence and Vendor Due Diligence supervision, organization of Data Room. Monitoring all types of contracts, including letters of intent, memoranda of understanding and SPA.


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